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Stephen Embleton is a graphic artist, author and filmmaker, and was born in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa and is now a resident in Oxford, UK. With a background in graphic design and typography, creative direction and filmmaking, he has received multiple awards in design, short film, and documentaries. Working in both digital and hand-created illustration (including pen/brush & ink, watercolours and acrylic), three of Stephen's large format acrylic works were displayed in the 2021 Contagious Art Exhibition at The Gallery in Ballito, South Africa. His most recent works have combined design and illustration for numerous fiction book covers.

Select works can be found as prints on Society6

The Gallery (KwaZulu-Natal), March 2021

Waypoint Seven – Cover Design (2024)

Display Typeface Design: Adinkra-Ntumy Font

Design & Typography: Stephen Embleton, Illustration: Akintoba Kalejaye

Celestial Machine (Dhlo-dhlo monolith) 2024

Celestial Machine (Dhlo-dhlo monolith) 2024

The Art of Sauúti:
Various pieces from Mothersound: The Sauútiverse Anthology 2023

Various pieces from Mothersound: The Sauútiverse Anthology 2023

BSFA's Fission #3 Cover Design

A tribute to fellow African speculative fiction writer and lovely human, Nick Wood.

Jorge Luis Borges – Stephen Embleton (24 May 2023)

Jorge Luis Borges – Stephen Embleton (24 May 2023)– Detail

Jorge Luis Borges – Stephen Embleton – 24 May 2023 (FULL)

"The Good Nigerian" by David Dison (2023)

FULL COVER: "The Good Nigerian" by David Dison (2023)

"Madness" by Esomnofu Ebelenna (2023)

Full cover: "Madness" by Esomnofu Ebelenna (2023)

"Yamtarawala, the Warrior King" by Henry Akubuiro (2023) – watercolour

Henry Akubuirois's a historical dramatic play.

Full cover: "Yamtarawala, the Warrior King" by Henry Akubuiro (2023)

(2023) The Lake Goddess by Flora Nwapa (2023 Edition)

Paperback (Feb 2023)

Paperback (Feb 2023)

(2023) UK Edition of Double Wahala, Double Trouble by Uche Peter Umezurike

(2023) Cover Design for Ikenna Okeh's 2023 (Crime Novel)

(2023) Harmattan by Ivan Sršen (novel)

(2022) The James Currey Anthology

Henry Louis Gates Jr Fellowship Brand Design (2022)

Wild Dog Road Signage (2022)

Bones & Runes Book Cover & Illustrations (2021/2022)

“Lunar Ascension” (Ink and brush) (2021)

Spot Series (digital) (2021)

Light Flight Freedom (digital)(2020)

Freedom of Flight (digital) (2020)

The original ink & brush...

(2020) Soul Searching Novel Design (SF Novel)

Seating Spaces (digital) (2020)

Original Ink Illustration Detail (2020)

Seating Spaces – pen & ink

Bay Windows detail

Final touches on "Studio"

Studio detail

Earth Touch's MIPCOM DISPLAY STAND POSTER (Oct 2021 & March 2022 versions):

MIPCOM Oct 2021

MIPCOM March 2022 (extended)

Film Poster (2020)

Film Poster (2020)

Various Ink works

Inktober 2016

2009 Editorial Strip

1999 Flyboy Font Design

1999 Biltong Font Design

1998 Matchmaker Website Brand & Illustration

Marketing Mix Design Profile Feature 1997

Stephen Embleton, a 23 year-old graphic designer and typographer, is applying creative design to the Net to produce award winning Websites.

1996-1997 Award winning personal site: seedPod

Various logo designs and rebranding I have done since 2000. 








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