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The Escapist (Poem) 2000

The Escapist (from *The Escapist) Apologies to William Blake 2000 Writer! Writer! Write tonight On the paper bright and white. What new world in your minds eye Could frame thy tearful butterfly? In your misty dreams & lies What anger did you vent your cries? With what will did he desire? With what hand did burn the fire? How much bolder can we start Than to show a man his heart? But when his heart did feel the heat, Did he not begin retreat? What the go-between must claim? That your soul be damned to endless pain. What the curse? What bad task Did you use in evil to bask? When our hero dried his tear He found your hell and drew his spear. Did he smile your work to be? “Why did you who made my world forsake me?” *The Escapist is an unpublished graphic short story of mine, in which a character within the story realises they are a creation of a writer, who has dreamed up their world and their fraught life.