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Editor on The James Currey Anthology 2022 (Paperback Release Sept 2022)

As the 2022 James Currey Fellow at the University of Oxford, I was given the privilege of editing an anthology of short stories and essays, to be launched in paperback only on September 3rd at the The James Currey Literary Festival. ❤️📖🔥 BACK COVER: In the spirit of James Currey, with his work bringing African writers and their stories to the world, the James Currey Anthology showcases a broad range of literary work, with contributors hailing from Botswana to Nigeria, Ghana to South Africa – writing from the Continent or in the diaspora. These writers transport us into their world today, or in the past, some feeling the effects of love clashing with prejudice; or the devastating portrayal of a lived experience witnessing the terror of tribalism. While historical fiction, used well, gives us perspectives which have long been side-lined in favour of a certain, one-sided narrative. Reflections on parenting and ageing; the intensity and torment of relationships, and toxic environments; t