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Soul Searching Virtual Book Launch and Reading – 27 Aug 2020

On Thursday evening I read a passage from my science fiction thriller, Soul Searching, followed by some insights and background into the segment chosen. Available in ebook on all major online book stores – paperback coming September. WATCH HERE: Below is the excerpt (from Chapter 4) – featuring the two main themes of Beliefs and Parents: I was twelve, just about to break the spell of my youth and dive head on into teenager life. So that would have been 1985. My friend and I have just walked the five kilometres to his house after school, joking around, pushing each other into bushes. Kids. As we’re coming closer to his place we notice smoke in the air above his property. We give each other a look and pick up our pace. He’s got high walls surrounding his property but because of the incline of the road we can just make out his brother and mother busying themselves around the source of the smoke. He starts shouting to them as he’s opening the tall iron gate on the driveway. His mother turn

The Cock & The Crow (Poem: iJusi #6, 1997)

  The Cock & The Crow (Poem): an ode to the downtrodden Cock-a-doodle-doo said the cock to the crow while sitting in the sun on his stoep. Hey diddle-diddle said the crow to the cock and picked another scrap from the step. “What a great morning beheld before us,” said the cock through his smooth golden beak. “It depends how high up the stairs you are standing to check of what you gleefully speak. “From here I see only scraps before me, all your loose-ends and dry looking wors. “For it's you, my broer, who loves to mock those stukkend, and broken or worse. “How upright you stand with your plume in the air, all colours all radiant and bright. “Yet, here I slum, begging and screaming so loud and very contrite. “Only to be cursed or ignored, whichever you feel I deserve. “You look at my coat, black and downtrodden, and inside you know it's perverse   “Perverse because I feed off your scraps to keep you all safe and tight. “Yes, you know it, it makes you feel kief when you'r

Soul Searching Out Now

Soul Searching – eBook Out and Available on Amazon (All), Kobo, Barnes & Noble etc. Trade Paperback out in September 2020. One killer. An ocean of souls. Science has learned to understand the soul, and can track souls through this life and beyond. A specialist unit of the South African police is using a Soul Tracker device in a harrowing search for a serial killer. But when one's soul can incriminate them before birth, can there ever be justice? This science fiction novel by South African author Stephen Embleton has been likened to a mix of "Minority Report" and "Silence of the Lambs", with unique ideas all its own. The thrilling story features a serial killer, new and disturbing technology, and an ancient secret society. And flying cars. Available here: Amazon (US) Amazon (UK) Kobo Barnes & Noble Find out more at Guardbridge Books . Paperback Outlets: Amazon (US) Amazon (UK) Barnes & Noble Waterstones Loot (South Africa)

I Hope I Dream of My Soul Tonight (Poem) 2020

I Hope I Dream of My Soul Tonight (featured in ‘Soul Searching’) I can feel my warm bright light?
 My Soul is inside but not out of sight.  It’s there with me all through my day. In a smile or the things I say.  And sometimes when I sleep and dream I get to see my Soul’s bright beam.  It can tell me grand big tales
 Or fly me through the sky with whales.  My Soul is here, not in another world It’s me, just bigger and brighter and gold.  I hope I dream. I'll pray till late.
 I’ll hope. I’ll dream. I’ll pray. I’ll wait.  Before the dawn, before it's light. 
I hope I dream of my Soul this night.

Allow The Darkness (Poem) 2020

 Allow The Darkness (featured in ‘Soul Searching’) 08-08-2020 If Blue was the colour of sunshine And Green was the colour of the sky I’d like to think that ships wouldn’t sink And everyone knew how to fly.  But the world’s not topsy-turvy  And the way it spins is right.  Sometimes there is darkness  And sometimes there is light.