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Jorge Luis Borges Illustration

As a fan of Jorge Luis Borges (his writing and the man), I felt compelled to illustrate him in black and white 🖊️📚  Jorge Luis Borges – Stephen Embleton – 24 May 2023 I set out to do a pen and. ink drawing but soon realised a white on black technique would be more interesting. I used an old rolled ink background I did on paper in 2018, and in Photoshop, added the white illustrated brushwork. With limited physical resources on hand at the moment, digital is a great option for me. Knowing how real brushwork should look, means I can give a natural feel to the image. Jorge Luis Borges – Stephen Embleton – Detail #illustration  #inkillustration #borges #JorgeLuisBorges  Jorge Luis Borges – Stephen Embleton – 24 May 2023 (FULL) Prints available on Society6

Book Cover Design: The Good Nigerian (UK Edition)

  "The Good Nigerian" by David Dison (2023) It was a pleasure to be asked to design the UK edition cover for David Dison's successful "The Good Nigerian". Set in Joburg, I thought it fitting to contrast the colours and flowers of the Jacaranda trees, with the gritty cityscape, weapon and profile of a man uneasy with his surroundings. The textured title further emphasises the Nigerian (flag) connection. FULL COVER: "The Good Nigerian" by David Dison (2023)

SFWA 2023 Nebula SauĂști Panel (Anaheim, California) – 12 May 2023

I was able to attend the 2023 Nebula Conference (Anaheim, California) as a virtual guest and have a great panel session with fellow SauĂști Collective members Eugen Bacon, Xan van Rooyen, Jude Umeh and Wole Talabi.  SAUÚTI: AN AFRO-CENTRIC UNIVERSE Fri, May 12, 2023 UK 9PM-10PM (Pacific 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM)Panelists:  Eugen Bacon Stephen Embleton Xan van Rooyen Jude Umeh Wole Talabi (moderator) The SauĂștiverse is an African collective initiative, drawing from the Swahili word ‘sauti’ that means ‘voice’ to create a five-planet system orbiting a binary star. A world rooted deeply in a variety of African mythology, language, and culture. SauĂști weaves in an intricate magic system based on sound, oral traditions and music. If you have access, watch the full panel chat here:

Book Cover Design: Madness

"Madness" by Esomnofu Ebelenna (2023) Taking a photograph by Susan Wilkinson, adding the floral silkscreen motif and superimposing the custom stamped typographic design, I wanted something soft (fabric) yet course in its texture (linen) and grey rather than warm. Unsettling. And taking this further with the misaligned text of the back cover. Full cover: "Madness" by Esomnofu Ebelenna (2023)