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Self-Destruct (Short Story) Published

 My latest short story,  Self-Destruct , was published this week in Omenana #18. Read the FULL issue here. I’m really grateful to have my latest short story featured in Omenana Speculative Fiction Magazine: a standout publication for all things African SFF❤️ the team involved have pulled it off yet again.  “Self-Destruct” is a short something about being hemmed in, frustrated and lacking face-to-face relationships. And it’s set in the future 😉 Alongside other fantastic authors I know I’ll be enjoying reading over the coming days, READ ISSUE #18 out now FREE. Table of Contents: Le pacte du fleuve – Moustapha Mbacké Diop The Diviner – VH Ncube Eating Kaolin – Dare Segun Falowo Upgraded Versions of a Masquerade – Solomon Uhiara Arriving from Always – Nerine Dorman THE JINI – Wangari Wamae Shandy – Gabrielle Emem Harry SELF-DESTRUCT – Stephen Embleton Germination – Tiah Beautement The Third Option – Jen Thorpe Machine Learning – Ayodele Arigbabu Read the FULL issue online:  htt