Akachi Ezeigbo Prize for Literature (Logo Design)

 It was a privilege to design the logo for the Akachi Ezeigbo Prize for Literature. Having met Professor Akachi, and been in discussion on various panels with her, with much respect for her own literary work and her work in literature, particularly in Nigeria, I had to design something with an elegant and colourful flair. As a daughter of Nigeria, I thought what more fitting icon than the national flower of Nigeria: Costus Spectabilis – the yellow trumpet flower.

At the FT Weekend Oxford Lit Fest April 2022

At the James Currey Lit Fest Sept 2022

First, the bright yellow colour and shape of the flower, and then the rounded shape of the chunky leaves – with their distinct purple edging gave me the second colour to be incorporated.

After a few iterations, I began to simplify my illustration of the yellow flower down to the bare essentials, and looking to many of the bold and colourful fabrics from Nigeria as another reference point.

At the end, I happily found it lent itself to a patterned motif (see example below) like the fabric prints.

Floral Print


Costus Spectabilis

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