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Seating Spaces

I wanted to attempt a series of graphic ink illustrations featuring simple set ups of interesting chairs (from around our house) in their natural spaces. Seating Spaces To purchased prints and other variations of the artwork, check out my Society6 store or my Zazzle store pages. I took a photo of the bay windows and the wooden chair (Friday 10th April 2020) as the template (centred layout) and angle. From there I took reference images of the variety of furniture and set about composing each pairing – chair and background. I then selected the paper – 300gsm waterolour paper – and using a 0.3 and 0.5 fineliner pens. I complete the first two on Saturday 11th April and the final three on Monday 13th April 2020. Bay Windows Studio Dining Bedroom Lounge Below are some detail photos and work in progress: Bay Windows detail Bay Windows detail Studio detail Studio detail Studio detail Dining detail Dining detail Bed

White Moonlight Black Night

In January 2020 I set out to do a double panel painting/illustration based on the White Moonlight illustration from August 2019. This time I wanted to include a black rhino. Framed, finally!. Technique and materials: Gouache and Watercolour paint on gesso board (gesso primer as a textured background). This is then carried through using the rubaway technique – highlights are rubbed away and mid and dark tones added. Completed 9 April 2020 during the Covid-19 lockdown. For print-on-demand prints of these two panels visit my Zazzle store and Society6 store . The final work measures 162cm x 51cm (each panel at 81cm x 51cm). White Moonlight panel (white rhino) Black Night panel (black rhino) White rhino detail White rhino detail Baby black rhino detail Black Rhino detail Black Rhino detail Happy Check out the work in progress videos and photos: Phase1: P

Various Ink and Watercolour

Four final A2 ink pieces. Detail Detail The original A4 rough work, some with  a combination of ink and watercolours. Mom's Flowers Fine Flowers Absence Substance Florence (A5)