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Anthology Featured in Brittle Paper 100 Notable African Books of 2022

I am so glad, and proud, to have The James Currey Anthology, which I edited, included in the Brittle Paper 100 Notable African Books of 2022 🔥❤️ Congratulations to the 12 contributors whose works made this book what it is. C. S. Hadebe (South Africa)  Bontsi Z. Kennedy, nee Morewane (Botswana) Ifunanya Madufor (Nigeria) Gothataone Moeng (Botswana) Majini Ya Mombasa (Kenya)  Nzube Nlebedim (Nigeria)  Mbaeze Nnedimma (Nigeria)  Cheryl S. Ntumy (Ghana)  N. A. Ntumy (Botswana)  Lynn Nyaera Onywere (Kenya) Maxine Sibihwana (Uganda) Uchechukwu Peter Umezurike (Nigeria)  #africanliterature

TEN QUESTIONS With Stephen Embleton – Published in Aké Review 2022

Aké Review 2022 On their 2022 Festival theme of "Homecoming", my Ten Questions and Answers were published in the Aké Review Volume 9. Read the 10 Questions/Answers here.

Aké Festival 2022 – Lagos

Stephen Discussing the Sauúti Collective What an absolute adventure attending  Aké Arts & Book Festival 2022 in Lagos, Nigeria! The Aké event was held at the Strong Tower Events Centre – down the gauntlet of car hooters, traffic and vibrant and excited chatter in the bus. This was part of the atmosphere which carried through into the hall decked out with round tables and chairs – encouraging people to mingle and share ideas... and BOOKS! The writing on the wall prompt: I LOVE BOOKS BECAUSE… “…they build worlds in the minds of the readers that goes beyond what the writer wrote.” Aké Review 2022 WEDNESDAY, 23th NOV 2022: Arrived! At Ake Arts & Book Festival in kind of one piece. 😁❤️Meeting the 2021 Nobel Prize winner, Abdulrazak Gurnah and his lovely wife Denise DeCaires Narain, and so many people I’ve met virtually. Abdulkareem Baba Aminu Abdulrazak Gurnah and Denise DeCaires Narain Wole Talabi James Murua Toni Kan Me! THURSDAY, 24th NOV 2022: Day One 🔥❤️ The writing on the w

The Sauúti Collective at Aké Festival 2022

  Stephen, Cheryl Ntumy, Wole Talabi and Dare Segun Falowo Four of us members of the Saúti Collective were invited to present the Sauútiverse at Ake Arts & Book Festival on Friday 25 November 2022. What a reception and great support from everyone in attendance and online! With Wole Talabi steering the conversation and introducing our created shared world, Cheryl Ntumy, Dare Segun Falowo and I (Stephen Embleton) spoke about our experiences and the sound magic of the Sauúti Universe. What an awesome panel event at Aké Festival and what a day it was, sharing  The Sauúti Collective  with everyone and the buzz afterwards 🔥⭐️🔥⭐️  Wole Talabi, Dare Segun Falowo, Cheryl Ntumy, and Stephen Our Mother Creator (teaser) – The Sauúti Creation Myth Watch the teaser  to the The Sauúti Collective Creation Myth, which we kicked off with for our panel at Ake Arts & Book Festival. Check out the full panel session on The Sauúti Collective from yesterday at Ake Arts & Book Festival A great ex