Flyboy Font (1999) The South African Superhero


FLYBOY – The South African Superhero

Designed by Stephen Embleton in 1999.

Flyboy Badge (regular)

Flyboy Bullet (extruded/3D)

Take the memory of something and try to redraw or recreate it. Guaranteed it’s slightly different to the original experience but it’s now your interpretation of it. Now it’s got some of your other perceptions, some of your other memories, and some of your misconceptions about it combined to give you something unique in your world.

A superhero has a specific look, try and redraw him/her & you end up with a new superhero. If you were me he/she’d have some South African characteristics – e.g.: a bruh-cut, khaki tights to blend into the veld, a multi-coloured cape to represent all the official race-groups, a hip-translator to communicate with every citizen, and a red-bull flask on his/her back – hey, he/she needs wings.

And the most important characteristic would be his/her badge on his/her chest. He/she’d be too busy getting air-jacked to get a designer to design the perfect symbol that both communicates to everyone as well as carries the impression of strength (in a non-sexually discriminating manner that is neither too feminine nor too macho), so it would look like crap.

So design it for him/her, in your head.

View the Font PDF spread.

Download the font here.

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