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Rest In Peace Nick Wood

"Our friend, colleague and African SFF writer and supporter, Nick Wood, has passed away. We at the ASFS send his family our deep love and condolences as we all mourn the passing of someone who selflessly strove to promote, support and represent Africa on the world stage with dignity and enthusiasm, and with his smile that could light up the galaxy. Your words live on, mfowethu. Camagu / ǁGammāgu" I wanted to pay tribute to this awesome human and African speculative fiction writer and supporter after his unexpected passing in June 2023. A digital illustration I hope captures the person we all love and respect. The African speculative fiction community came together and created a memoriam for Nick in the July issue of Locus Magazine.

Sauúti Anthology Cover Reveal

Android Press publicly revealed the cover design for the "Mothersound: The Sauúti Anthology" designed and illustrated by Akintoba (Toba) Kalejaye and myself. It was fun to add further layers to Toba's initial cosmic woman piece, and created the type-design for "Mothersound" . The anthology now moves into its crowdfunding phase with the November publication release! The "Mothersound" Type-Design After Toba's original cosmic woman creation, I added the additional layer enhancements (including the cityscape of Toba's) Illustration Build Sequence