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Bones & Runes Paperback Published

  This is something I'm really proud of. The writing of it was truly a fantastical journey and came to be with the support of my family and the real experts in the fields of southern African cosmologies and linguistics. Published in paperback by Abibiman Publishing  and their African Futures Series , and brought into the world by the determination and passion of Onyeka Nwelue. This is the manuscript which gave me the opportunity to be the James Currey Society Fellow at the University of Oxford in 2022. This is Book 1: the adventure will continue... Map of Abaphansi First Edition Cover (and inside flaps) "Bungapheliyo uMhlaba Amazulu" (The Eternal World is the Heavens) "Highly original and compelling. Embleton's strange world is immersive and intriguing. This is a novel of adventure and ideas.” – T.L. Huchu, author of 'The Library of the Dead’ “Embleton’s portrayal overflows with imagination, filling it to the brim with all manner of beings and deities from Zu

Documentary Film Posters

Since leaving Earth Touch in 2019, I have continued a creative relationship with a great team. Here are some of the works I've produced in 2020-2022. MIPCOM DISPLAY STAND POSTER (Oct 2021 & March 2022 versions): MIPCOM Oct 2021 MIPCOM March 2022 (extended) POSTER (2020) POSTER (2020)