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What If My Soul (Poem) 10-10-2001

 What If My Soul… 10-10-2001 What if my Soul is ready to go? What if its time is now? What if it’s done what it’s had to do, And answered if when why & how? Will it go when I sleep or when I’m awake? And will it go at all? ‘Cos what if it’s waiting for my body to act… To intentionally stumble and fall? So the jokes on my Soul, it’ll just have to wait, ‘Cos I don’t think I’m quite ready yet. But we’ll see who laughs last (my Body or Soul). Check with my mind…it’s taking the bets.

I Saw The World Today (Poem) 2001

 I Saw The World Today (Poem) 2001     Did you see the world today? Did you marvel at its splendour?        Did you take to flight, up to that great, bright light, On wings so strong and slender?        On your way up, did you look back down, And see something vast and grand?        Did you remember your days, long forgotten ways, When time was written in the sand?        And from high above, as high as a dove Did you pause and see… The world has a heart, an imperfect heart, That’s perfect, just like me?