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cltrSHIFT Podcast Launched

In April 2018 we launched the cltrSHIFT (Culture Shift) podcast. With 12 episodes done, we've covered topics from Sangomas to Surfers, House Music to African Literature. The cltrShift mission: Delve into different cultures, mythos, traditional beliefs, histories, creative arts, identities and traditions of groups of people to shift perceptions and reveal our individuality as well as our collective humanity. AVAILABLE ON ALL MAJOR PODCAST PLATFORMS SoundCloud iTunes Stitcher Google Play TuneIn ACast Anchor Pocket Casts From the site: I started many of these chats out of my own interest and my own research. Me and my audio recorder. And I soon realized that is was information that was well worth sharing. So with a bit more effort I created CltrShift. Some interviews may simply be out of interest, while others form a part of my writing research. Having had a number of my short stories published, I’ve found m

AfroSF V3 Cover Reveal

The cover for AfroSF v3 was revealed this week. Due out in November 2018. A great list of writers to be amongst.

Veiled (Short Story) 2016

"Veiled" featured in the 2016 “Beneath This Skin” Edition of Aké Review (2016) (non-speculative fiction) The Aké Festival is held annually in Abeokuta, Nigeria. The 2016 theme's focus centered on issues around identity, race and individuality. "Veiled"  being my first non-speculative fiction published. VEILED by Stephen Embleton A gust of wind blasted Prunelle from the side as the bus came to a stop a few feet in front of her. Panicked, she reflexively grabbed at the soft cloth covering the lower half of her face. "All okay," she thought. She touched and tweaked its position as she took the few steps forward and into the warmth of the waiting vehicle. She tried to ignore the weary look from the driver and quickly scanned her bus pass, heading as far into the back of the bus as she could go. The seats ran parallel to the sides of the bus, but fear of eye contact forced heads up at the advertisements or down at the g