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#Inktober 2019

#Inktober 2019

Why Not Magoos?

My latest short story, Why Not Magoos?, was published this week at The Kalahari Review.

On 14 June 1986, Durban nightlife and civilian society in South Africa were ripped through by a bomb outside a beachfront hotel. Today, echoes of the past remain.
Read it online:

Soul Searching Novel to be Published

Guardbridge Books has offered to publish Soul Searching! Aiming for an April 2020 release.

The work now begins on revisions and edits to really polish of the manuscript. I will be posting regularly on social media about that progress...

Tucking into the notes. Making revisions. #amediting #sf #SoulSearching2020

Paper notes and edits done. Next step 💻

Sunset Pride

Although from 2009, I wanted to show the large lion rubaway I produced in 2009. With my appreciation of the Indiana Jones posters and the art of Drew Struzan, I wanted something that was close to home (nature) and use a similar technique.

I used rubaway, watercolour and charcoal.

Illustrations (learning rubaway) from 1993 & 1994 The Mill (1993) illustration was from a photo reference I took of the Midmar Dam mill (no longer there) for Art of Drawing subject – second year Graphic Design. The Giraffe (1994) and Zebra (1994) were done a year later using offcuts from the Mill board.

White Moonlight

I wanted to try out a large rubaway (one of my favourite techniques – see the Sunset Pride from 2009) and decided to illustrate a white rhino and gift it to my brother, Michael, who works on a game farm in Limpopo.

Over a few weeks I developed the picture and finally gave it to him at his home we we as a family visited him and his wife.

The Work In Progress:



I have been wanting to do a large watercolour of my wife, Riley, and finally got around to doing it had having a ton of fun in the process.

I'm usually fairly tight when it comes to watercolour so this was a chance to experiment and be as loose as I could.

Check out my other watercolor and ink: various ink and watercolour, and Inktober 2019

Check out my other watercolor and ink: various ink and watercolour, and Inktober 2019