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Sunset Pride

Although from 2009, I wanted to show the large lion rubaway I produced in 2009. With my appreciation of the Indiana Jones posters and the art of Drew Struzan, I wanted something that was close to home (nature) and use a similar technique.

I used rubaway, watercolour and charcoal.

Illustrations (learning rubaway) from 1993 & 1994 The Mill (1993) illustration was from a photo reference I took of the Midmar Dam mill (no longer there) for Art of Drawing subject – second year Graphic Design. The Giraffe (1994) and Zebra (1994) were done a year later using offcuts from the Mill board.

White Moonlight

I wanted to try out a large rubaway (one of my favourite techniques – see the Sunset Pride from 2009) and decided to illustrate a white rhino and gift it to my brother, Michael, who works on a game farm in Limpopo.

Over a few weeks I developed the picture and finally gave it to him at his home we we as a family visited him and his wife.

The Work In Progress: