The Short Story is Dead, Long Live the Short Story! Volume 2 (RELEASED)

"The Short Story is Dead, Long Live the Short Story!" includes my short story "Water".

“A story that gave me that “aah” moment was Stephen Embleton’s Water. Water is a beautifully crafted story that explores grief. Without really mentioning death (I think it’s only brought up once), Water manages to pull us into what looks like a mundane morning routine but is, in fact, weighed heavily by the loss of a lifelong companion. This story is so well crafted that I return to it time and again. I deserves a special mention for its ability to quietly draw you into the world of its main character.” - Introduction by Duduzile Zamantungwa Mabaso (Black Letter Media)


Contributors: Obinna Udenwe, Mapule Mohulatsi, Christine Coates, Thato Magano, Gugu Mary Tizita McLaren, Nkosithandile Peme, Adaobi Okwy, Evan Morris, Khalid Salleh, Pamela Moeng, Stephen Embleton

COVER REVEAL: 11 November 2016
Cover art: Megan Ross
Book design: Duduzile Mabaso

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