Enkare Review

The fact that an African based literary journal can start up in 2017 is both encouraging for African literature and encouraging to African writers. Having outlets for writers in Africa has never been more important as readers gain more access to written works than ever before. No longer relying on Western media and content creators gives Africans (at home and abroad) access to their own stories.

Share the love. Support Enkare Review as they begin the journey forward with African literature and African storytellers.

Find Enkare Review on the web, Facebook, and Twitter.

My speculative fiction short story, 'Sub Migratio', features in the launch issue (end April 2017). I will always be indebted to Troy and the Enkare team for their vote of confidence in my story to grace the pages of their first issue - and featuring a speculative fiction piece!

"Sub Migratio" Quote:
"I can afford to die more than I can afford to live."

Because the Enkare Review site has been unavailable, you can read 'Sub Migratio' here.

Enkare Review Link:

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