African Writing Systems Diagram Design

In conjunction with this is a visual representation of various African writing systems Pule kaJanolinji and I have been working on for the past few months. A continuous work in progress. Visit their site for more information and links to the respective syllabary projects.

The map depicts the array of ancient and modern writing forms found all over the continent, and some show the branches of origins. 📜 👀 ❤️

It is included in Pule’s August 2023 presentation:
UBUCIKO BOKULOBA: African Writing Systems as Creative Cultural Technologies

Included here are:

1. Arabiese-Afrikaans
2. isiBheqe soHlamvu / Ditema tsa Dinoko
3. chiMbire
4. Mwangwego
5. Lusona
6. Mandombe
7. Ńdébé
8. Luo
9. Bamum
10. Adinkra
11. Vai
12. Osmanya
13. Wakandan
14. Nsibidi
15. Old Nubian
16. Ge’ez
17. Zaghawa
18. Adlam
19. N’ko
20. Proto-Sinaitic Script
21. Meroitic (derivative of Mdw Ntr)
22. Wadi el-Hol
23. Coptic*
24. *from Demotic
25. *from Hieratic
26. *from Mdw Ntr (Egyptian name for Hieroglyphs)
27. Tifinagh

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