Our Mother Creator – The Sauúti Creation Myth


We finally launched the Sauúti Collective with the online publication of Our Mother Creator – the Sauúti Creation Myth (free to read online). Hosted by Syllble, ten of us African writers came together to build a science fiction and fantasy world based on African traditions.

The ten founding members of the Sauúti Collective defined the parameters of this world, wrote stories set in it and have created a detailed “story bible” describing the settings, history, politics, rules, key groups, motivations and general philosophy of the world, and stories set within it. 

I cannot wait for all the stories to be published – all beautiful, poignant pieces.


Our Mother Creator – the Sauúti Creation Myth by Stephen Embleton & Wole Talabi, with Art by Akintoba Kalejaye.

Wole Talabi and I crafted this piece of imagined mythology, with powerful visuals by Akintoba Kalejaye, which establishes the creation of our fantasy world centred on the Goddess as creator.

Formulating the entire Sauúti Collective's concepts and input on the World Building, with my interest in mythology and folklore, meant wrapping an ancient cosmological interpretation around the "real-world" birth of the solar system of Sauúti – Wole's attention to detail in this regard (and his editorial eye), meant we produced a work which establishes the key themes of the Sauútiverse and its creative stories that we are looking forward to sharing with our own world.

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