A Door To A World, Left Ajar (Poem)


By Stephen Embleton


A door to a world, left ajar,

With its light tugging from the beyond,

Beholds a sight not too far.


Your stones have rippled on life’s pond,

And whether you be sage or crone,

Your brow has deepened and frowned.


A mist descends upon limb and bone,

Cold sands come from the sky,

A frost resting upon crown and throne.


A moon does wane, a closing eye.

Altogether unstuck, you cannot hold.

Uniquely erased with Death’s last sigh.


O’ to shut the door to that world,

Always ajar to the young and old.


You look to the God of youth,

You search the myths for proof.

You look to the God of another,

The intangible gods of others.

Look to the light, look to your star.

Release your Self, release your bond.

Step forward and through the door left ajar.


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