Land of Light - Short Story Published

Short story published!

Grateful to be part of this speculative fiction anthology out of Africa.
Thank you Shadreck Chikoti and everyone involved. I can also appreciate the time and effort required to bring a book to print.

Imagine Africa 500 years in the future.

Imagine Africa 500 - Speculative Fiction From Africa

3,000 Words
Quoted in the foreword. We shouldn't look at ourselves as "The Dark Continent" but rather as the Land of Light. The land of so many possibilities.

For those interested and who've shown great support for this, some info from the publishers:
So, the IMAGINE AFRICA 500 anthology is out, (as in printed copies), but will launch in April in Malawi. The book will be released online by 30th April 2016.
The University of Michigan is set to teach the anthology in one of its English classes.


  • Stories set in Africa 500 years from now.
  • Genre: Speculative fiction.
  • Publisher: Pan African Publishers Ltd (Lilongwe Malawi)
  • Editor: Billy Kahora (editor at Kwani)
  • Copy editor: Andrea Mesen.
  • Stories Selected by: Billy Kahora, Shadreck Chikoti, and Trine Andersen.
  • Contact persons: Shadreck Chikoti and Trine Andersen.

Promotions and book reviews after the Malawi launch. Also watch out for festivals across Africa from October where the book will be present.

A great selection of ideas and stories of Africa in the future from Africa.

READ 'LAND OF LIGHT' ONLINE: The project from Geoff Ryman via the Manchester Review produced a themed online edition on the Rise of African Science Fiction & Fantasy featuring a reprint of my first SF short story “Land of Light”.

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