Wild Talk Africa 2013 – Presentation

 I was invited by the organisers of the 2013 Wild Talk Africa Film Festival to present on the topic of "Making Content for the Internet" in Durban on 25 July 2013.

Stephen presenting at Wild Talk Africa on 25 July 2013

Stephen will be probing the audience to find out why they would embark on online video in the first place – the good and bad reasons. Then covering viral vs. value: differentiating between viral content and valuable content – the pros and cons of both. The importance of titles and thumbnails at grabbing attention of viewers. Choosing the right platform for an online presence and how You Tube and Vimeo differ in audiences. The value of listening to your audience feedback and drawing the line at internet trolls – damage control. Cultural and Geographic context – who your audience is, their culture, and where they are (access to internet) all affect consumption. Spendthrifts and Tightwads – just because it's online doesn't mean it has to look cheap or have no budget, but monetization is a stumbling block in justifying any spend. There will also be an allocation for discussions and questions.


One of ET's Cameracrew talk behind the scenes filming.

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