What if this IS Reality: Part 2

The Facts – Physical:

Your body is real and what you experience is real.

Yes, you really are reading these words on the screen. Remember, assume nothing.

You can feel the chair under you, you can see the screen with your eyes, and I’m sure it’s got an ozone kind of smell to it. You can go as far as tasting it to prove the next sense that you have. You can even hear the words spoken as you carry on with the physical experience.

Other people are real and what they experience is real.

Find someone close by (sitting next to you; in the other room; stick your head out the window to find a passer by.

Now smack them on the shoulder, or if they are far away, tell them that they ride elephants on Sundays.

Other people can affect you or not.

Their reaction should be pretty real enough. Maybe so real that it affects your personal Reality.

Nature is real and all that is in it is real. 

Pick up an axe. Yes a real axe. Stand at the base of a huge Redwood. Now for some environmentalists, that is very real. So we won’t carry on there. Suffice to say that a male lion munching on your leg in the Serengeti can seem very real.

Confront what is put in front of you in the physical.

The physical world is there and it is real. If something affects your physical Reality, deal with it in the physical. Don’t get into a big mental spiel about what it means and “why is this happening”. Deal with it. Don’t escape it.

Your car is stuck across a railway line. A slick, state-of-the-art, bullet-train is bearing down the track (yes, in your direction). What do you do, hot shot? Do you say to yourself, “Why is this happening?”, “Is that train real, or am I just dreaming?” Action! Not Thought! You’ll have time to reflect on its meaning later in your psychiatry session. You get out the way, and then find the higher “meaning”.

(see Part 3)

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