Big Brother (Poem) 2008


22 September 2008

You broke the ice, you paved the way

You lived life to the edge, you did it your way.

You covered sex and drugs and rock ‘n roll

Pretty hard core but still a gentle soul.

Big footsteps I followed and resolved I must,

As a kid brother I said “In Big Bro I trust.”

You showed me how grand the world can be.

You showed me how to bloom and be free.

I may have started out by living through you,

Comparing, trying to be more like you.

But I saw you weren’t trying to be someone else,

You were just being you and no one else.

Long and short hair, a broken bone, a bullet or two:

Sometimes I’m grateful I never kept up with you.

You showed me the world can be pretty damn rough

“Have no fear,” you smiled, “they just act like they’re tough.”

“Don’t let fists, knives or people with guns,

Stop you from smiling and having some fun.”

“The world has no limits, so you shouldn’t either.

Live it to the fullest, no matter the weather.”

I know that one day, when one of us goes,

The other will cry and say “Fuck! This blows!”

If it’s you or it’s me, I don’t really care

All I need to say is you gave me courage to dare.

You’re my big brother, I love you, what else can I say?

We share attitude, we share life and we share DNA!

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