Missing (Poem) 2002


To Mom


As a father I’ve come to know

That kids are precious things.

And although we want to watch them grow

To see what life them brings,

We cannot always be there to see,

To share and to protect.

So God gave us that special gift

That now ‘n again we collect.

He calls it something just off target

When you try to give a clout.

It’s something dainty like a teacher

But one that doesn’t shout.

He calls it “Miss” ‘cause you thought of something

That seeing would make a “Hit”,

So when you think of something dear,

That feeling sinks in a bit.

Missing someone lets you know

There’s someone that you love.

Someone who you want to share

Each moment sent from above.

But all you can do is miss them more

And tell them when you do.

‘Cause how precious is that love together

When someone misses you.

So onward up this mountain-side

each and every day I climb

in a body that you gave to me

to feel how I miss you all the time.

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