What if this IS Reality


For the purpose of this exercise, let’s, by some stretch of the imagination, take it that this is reality. Let’s forget about what everyone thinks and assumes. In fact, let’s assume nothing.
Let’s not assume that there is an alternate reality. Let’s deal with what is.
Let’s not assume that the dream world is reality. Let’s just dream our dreams.
Let’s not assume that there are other dimensions beyond our imagination. Hell, let’s not use our imagination.
Let’s not assume anything about what happens after death. Because that assumes that when I die I get another chance or I get punished/rewarded for my life. That’s opinion.
Let’s not assume that your body is not real. Give yourself more credit than that. I mean you being a pain in the ass is pretty real.
Let’s not assume that this is not reality.
And for this notion to be completely contained, let’s not assume that God exists. Now, this doesn’t mean that we are taking an atheist stance, it just means that we are being fair to all involved in reality by eliminating what is “fact” for some and assumption for others.

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