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JJ Omojuwa Event University of Oxford

NEW MEDIA. OLD BIASES: THE AFRICA WE DON'T SEE  23 June 2022. We kicked off our discussion with JJ Omojuwa at the African Studies Centre (University of Oxford), with a quote from JJ's book's dedication: To the struggling African, things will not become easier; you must learn to be better, everyday. Soon, you will thrive, prosper and conquer. Remember to take others along when you do. JJ Omojuwa With around 15 of us, Onyeka Nwelue made introductions and we asked those attending to introduce themselves and their backgrounds. I then introduced JJ Omojuwa in relation to my own media background: When I came to the internet in the mid-nineties, it was very much the wild west. Everybody was putting anything they wanted to onto the internet, saying what they wanted to, so there was a time when there was absolute freedom of information flowing. And then, we come into the 2000s and governments start getting involved, they are seeing the potential and so we were having this battle bet

The Sauutiverse Collective

  Sauúti is taken from the word “Sauti” which means “voice” in Swahili. This world is a five-planet system orbiting a binary star. This world is rooted deeply in a variety of African mythology, language, and culture. Sauúti weaves in an intricate magic system based on sound, oral traditions and music. It includes science-fiction elements of artificial intelligence and space flight, including both humanoid and non-humanoid creatures. Sauúti is filled with wonder, mystery and magic.  I am excited to finally be able to tell everyone about this project and so privileged to be part of this collective – the Sauútiverse. Spearheaded by Wole Talabi, Fabrice J. Guerrier (Syllble) and Dr. Ainehi Edoro (Brittle Paper) "’s been really incredible to witness these African writers from different walks of life come together to use their imaginations to change the world." – Fabrice Guerrier 10 authors from five African nations: Akintoba Kalejaye Eugen Bacon Stephen Embleton Dare Segun