Sunday, May 6, 2018

Enkare Story Chat - Twitter

On 6 May 2018, the Enkare Review team conducted a Twitter interview with me on the subject of my speculative fiction short story "Sub Migratio" - published in their inaugural edition in 2017. #Enkarestorychat

Sunday, November 19, 2017


SOCIAL MEDIA: your life is my entertainment.

Saturday, November 18, 2017


"... nobody interviewed here remains untouched by the difficulties of being a South African writer. "

Geoff Ryman gets stuck into the rocky South African landscape of SFF. The good and the bad and the realities for those trying to find their voice.

Part 6: Cape Town Part


My first short story (Land of Light) was published in Malawi, the second (Veiled) in Nigeria, and finally the third (Water) in South Africa...
"South African writers can find publication in other African countries, free from their country’s limitations.
Nikhil Singh’s novel Taty Went West was first published by the Kwani Trust in Kenya. Omenana magazine recently published one of Toby Bennett’s stories, and The Ake Festival included a fine story by Stephen Embleton in its 2016 Festival publication."
You find the right publisher for your pieces, rather than trying to be published in your home country. Don't get me wrong, getting that third story published in South Africa felt awesome! But nothing beats someone asking to publish your work - no matter where they are in the world. It wipes all those rejection slips off the table (into the filing cabinet for grounding reality checks later).

Writers Not Interviewed (and Durban part coming soon)

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

WCSJ - San Francisco 2017

The World Conference of Science Journalists was pretty much a whirlwind experience all around. Being invited, being on the panel, meeting interesting people and staying in one of the great US cities (on my bucket list) over the course of just a week was fun and exhausting to say the least.
Jude Isabella and Corey Powell invited us to be pat of “The Rise of Digital Science Magazines” discussion and the format turned out to be a lot of fun and far more interactive than I expected. Pamela Weintraub did a great job of moderating, covering essential ground as well as checking in with Corey on questions from the audience sent direct to the screen in the front. Plus, I learned a lot from the other panelists - some new ideas and some things we have in common.
The panel featured:

  • Steven Bedard (Editor in Chief, bioGraphic), 
  • Estrella Burgos (Editor in chief, ¿Como ves? Magazine), 
  • Stephen Embleton (News network and online manager, Earth Touch News), 
  • Amanda Mascarelli (Managing editor, Sapiens Magazine), 
  • Shuzhen SIM (Editor, Asian Scientist Magazine)

"What a great panel to be on! 
When you're at the front, actually talking, sometimes you don't realize how packed the room gets until the end.
And meeting other South African delegates/speakers: Minister of Science and Technology, Ms Naledi Pandor.

One thing that science journalists do well is Twitter:
"Great to see feedback on Twitter to the session."

The conference day tour to the Redwood forest really rounded of the whole trip and San Francisco.
#wcsj2017 #DigitalSciMag

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Woohoo! Of the two short stories of mine that made the long list, the one I really wanted to make it in GOT IN - "Inktober". A touch of horror for a change of pace.Well done to Blaize Kaye on his win! And thanks to Nerine Dorman and the judges - Cat Hellisen, Dave de Burgh, Diane Awerbuck, Efemia Chela, Lauren Smith and Sarah Lotz.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Sub Migratio (Short Story)

"a futuristic tale that is bleak in every sense of the word" - Enkare Review Issue 1 Introduction

My speculative fiction short story, "Sub Migratio", features in the launch issue (end April 2017). I will always be indebted to Troy and the Enkare team for their vote of confidence in my story to grace the pages of their first issue - and featuring a speculative fiction piece!

Share the love. Support Enkare Review as they begin the journey forward with African literature and African storytellers.

Find Enkare Review on the webFacebook, and Twitter.

"Sub Migratio" Quote:
"I can afford to die more than I can afford to live."

Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Short Story is Dead, Long Live the Short Story! Volume 2 (RELEASED)

"The Short Story is Dead, Long Live the Short Story!" includes my short story "Water".

“A story that gave me that “aah” moment was Stephen Embleton’s Water. Water is a beautifully crafted story that explores grief. Without really mentioning death (I think it’s only brought up once), Water manages to pull us into what looks like a mundane morning routine but is, in fact, weighed heavily by the loss of a lifelong companion. This story is so well crafted that I return to it time and again. I deserves a special mention for its ability to quietly draw you into the world of its main character.” - Introduction by Duduzile Zamantungwa Mabaso (Black Letter Media)


Contributors: Obinna Udenwe, Mapule Mohulatsi, Christine Coates, Thato Magano, Gugu Mary Tizita McLaren, Nkosithandile Peme, Adaobi Okwy, Evan Morris, Khalid Salleh, Pamela Moeng, Stephen Embleton

COVER REVEAL: 11 November 2016
Cover art: Megan Ross
Book design: Duduzile Mabaso

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