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My latest short story, Journal of a DNA Pirate , was published in the latest anthology AfroSFv3 . Background: In 2010, while writing my speculative fiction novel, Soul Searching, and having sent it to a top SA publisher (waiting and waiting) I decided to carry on writing. But I wanted something simple and not as bogged down in size as a novel. I decided a blog style story would work to be able to write every day (almost every day) and rather than having a preconceived idea of where the story needed to go, I would take each day where I left off. I left it for a while (no ending done) and then revisited it in 2011. And that was it. During this time I had two large publishers in SA take the Soul Searching manuscript for two years each (with revisions done) before they finally rejected (first – 2009-2011; second – 2011-2013). I took that as a sign that my writing had something to it. I carried on tweaking the novel. Then in 2014, Fox & Raven publishers in SA had a call for