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BSFA Fission #3 Cover Design

Front Cover Design   I was asked by fellow Sauúti collaborator, Eugen Bacon, to design the cover for the third volume of the British Science Fiction Association's (BSFA) Fission anthology. We both wanted to infuse it with our own African influences, and with my ongoing research on various African writing systems , I played with the forms from Nsibidi. The fact that Eugen and co-editor, Gene Rowe ( who have put together a stellar volume of stories! ) were willing to venture into a more graphic cover design idea is a testament to this entire anthology. Fission #3 is available here. Full Cover Spread Find out more about this volume and the contributing authors.

RELEASED: Languages of Water Anthology

  This jam packed anthology, "Languages of Water", is available! 📚 Included is my short story ' Taking Turns' . 'Languages of Water was born out of an experiment to explore how a particular story, and the conversations around it, can inspire other stories in different contexts . . . it’s a curious document that illustrates how speculative fiction in general and the burgeoning field of clifi in particular can unite writers across borders to inspire open conversation, collaboration, and community – the same vital tools we need to fight the ongoing climate crisis.'  –Archita Mittra, LOCUS MAGAZINE #climatefiction #speculativefiction  Available on Amazon and publisher MVMedia .   Cover Art by John Jennings Languages of Water – a cross-lingual hybrid anthology This was an interesting anthology to participate in and so glad I could contribute. And it’s finally here (nearly)! I thoroughly enjoyed the research I did for my short story (" Taking Turns ").  

African Writing Systems Diagram Design

In conjunction with this is a visual representation of various African writing systems Pule kaJanolinji and I have been working on for the past few months. A continuous work in progress. Visit their site for more information and links to the respective syllabary projects. The map depicts the array of ancient and modern writing forms found all over the continent, and some show the branches of origins. 📜 👀 ❤️ It is included in Pule’s August 2023 presentation: UBUCIKO BOKULOBA: African Writing Systems as Creative Cultural Technologies Included here are: 1. Arabiese-Afrikaans 2. isiBheqe soHlamvu / Ditema tsa Dinoko 3. chiMbire 4. Mwangwego 5. Lusona 6. Mandombe 7. Ńdébé 8. Luo 9. Bamum 10. Adinkra 11. Vai 12. Osmanya 13. Wakandan 14. Nsibidi 15. Old Nubian 16. Ge’ez 17. Zaghawa 18. Adlam 19. N’ko 20. Proto-Sinaitic Script 21. Meroitic (derivative of Mdw Ntr) 22. Wadi el-Hol 23. Coptic* 24. *from Demotic 25. *from Hieratic 26. *from Mdw Ntr (Egyptian name for Hieroglyp