Friday, June 26, 2009

What if this IS Reality: Part 3

Now that we have proven that we are real, physical, and in a physical environment, let’s look at what is not physical. No, not what isn’t real.

The Facts – Non-physical:

You make something “good/bad” by giving your opinion about it.

Yes, you really are thinking that this is crap.

I think, therefore I am. We would like to think that that phrase in some weird way sums it up.

OK. How about … what you think, is real to you. But, what others think, is merely opinion. Therefore it is assumed, and not fact. I had a dream that I was flying. Prove that I didn’t have that dream.

Emotions are real. Tell a child that their hamster died. 

And as I pointed out earlier, we are only interested in what we can reference as fact. What we think and feel can not be entered as something that is real. But on the other hand, what we express and how we express it is real.

Therefore, emotions (although felt mentally) are expressed physically. Emotions are things that make people act or react in their own unique way. Two people can have the same emotions, but choose to express it completely differently. You can also tell the difference between someone who is physically emotional and someone who is mentally emotional. Emotional doesn’t mean unstable, but rather feeling/expressive.

Things outside of here are not provable and not guaranteed.

What about the physical that we can’t prove to be physical/real? Prove that there are other places to go and other people to meet. Sure you can pick up the phone, or turn on the TV and they are there. But ask them if where they stay is still there, and if they actually exist on the other side of the phone. Whatever they say is purely opinion. I’m sure that they will give a good argument, nevertheless. We won’t even get into the brain-numbing question of, “Surely the Universe must have a limit. How big can the infinite really be?” (ow!).

The future is a second away

The past is/was real. It can be argued that it is not part of reality (the here and now). But, it can be proven, and sometimes has physical remains. So the past does count. If the past wasn’t real, then explain a library. And convince me that you didn’t read all the other words before this one, and this one.

The past is real. It has made you who you are today, and it is always a point of reference for everyone. And yet Time is simply a measure of change. Time is man made and doesn’t exist. The time difference between yesterday and today is simply how much the earth changed position on its axis.

The future is not real. Got any physical or mental proof that it’s there? And why is it that we’ve been in the past, we are in the present, but we can never get to the future. Some of us live in the future (in their heads) and dream of how their life is going to be. Imagine being around someone who was from the future (or thought they were). You would experience the most boring person who new everything that was going to happen; who would say annoying things like, “I told you so”; who lived for the next moment  & not the “Now”; who would have no sense of adventure or not value the element of surprise; and best of all, a person with a strange dress sense. Basically, someone who wasn’t real.

“Like, connect with the Oneness, man.”

Sure, we are connected by energy and atoms and air and earth - which apart from being a nice spiritual concept that can be proven scientifically - in my physical experience you are over there and I am over here. Therefore separate. We are separated by physical time, space, distance etc. I can’t visually see our connected energy (unless I begin to acknowledge that fuzzy blue glow around you).

Even reaching out and touching someone doesn’t mean that you are one. You as a finger are still touching them as an arm. Your finger doesn’t become their arm. Most people would pass out or have to go to therapy if that were to happen.

So, Oneness is one of those concepts that you either eventually get your head around, or you simply trust in your experiences of the world around you. Understand that you do have a ripple effect in anything that you think and do, and that your power and influence on the physical and non-physical world does make a difference - the butterfly & Tokyo analogy.

Getting Past Our Physical Limitations:

Sure if we transcend the physical we call it dying. But what about transcending the physical and NOT dying – transcending Death? If you truly transcend the physical, then death is no longer a factor. And we’re not talking about some egotistical, materialistic “I’m afraid of dying” sense, but in a complete mastery of you mind, body and soul.

What I believe…

Beliefs” definition (Oxford):
1. the feeling that something is real and true, trust, confidence.
2. something accepted as true, what one believes.
3. religion, something taught as part of this, Christian beliefs.

Now look at definition 1. I want a big red marker underlining and circling and starring the word “feeling”.

Adding to the world’s conflicts:
If we could ask you to think of a religious (not spiritual) belief that has not caused conflict at some stage in history…insert blank here. A true spiritual belief doesn’t feel the need to justify or get angry, doesn’t get your back up when argued against, and respects other’s individual beliefs. Now read definition 1 again. Isn’t that how it feels (or should feel) if you trust your beliefs? The definition doesn’t say something that you fight for. It doesn’t say something you judge others by.
Religious dogma hinders spiritual progress. You cannot penetrate through the dogma or imposed belief systems to get to Spirit.

Let us start at the beginning. Birth.
Strip away all that you believe – everything that you have been taught. Picture that in your mind for a moment. Suddenly your mind starts to quiet.
Now imagine all the beliefs that you have gathered from personal experience – not from other people’s experiences, but your own. No ideas or theories. Experiences. Listen to the tone of your voice in your head.
Active but Calm.
As good as that feels, take the next step. Imagine all the beliefs that you have been taught: from parents, family and friends, teachers, the media, and society.
A bit noisy?

Belief systems are the things that distract and hinder your journey. Rather than truly experiencing something, you experience becomes filtered through a dark lens. And most importantly, limit you in the physical universe. Anything is possible when you drop your belief systems.

As I sit here writing this passage, I feel despondent (correction: damn depressed and useless), and don’t have the slightest inclination to ask myself, let alone anyone else, for damn guidance. So no one is saying it’s easy or that you just flick a switch and everything is fine. I’m not writing this because I’m perfect or that I can always do the things written here. We’re human. We’re physical beings living in a physical world.

So let’s get physical for a moment...

(see 'What if This is Reality')

What if this IS Reality: Part 2

The Facts – Physical:

Your body is real and what you experience is real.

Yes, you really are reading these words on the screen. Remember, assume nothing.

You can feel the chair under you, you can see the screen with your eyes, and I’m sure it’s got an ozone kind of smell to it. You can go as far as tasting it to prove the next sense that you have. You can even hear the words spoken as you carry on with the physical experience.

Other people are real and what they experience is real.

Find someone close by (sitting next to you; in the other room; stick your head out the window to find a passer by.

Now smack them on the shoulder, or if they are far away, tell them that they ride elephants on Sundays.

Other people can affect you or not.

Their reaction should be pretty real enough. Maybe so real that it affects your personal Reality.

Nature is real and all that is in it is real. 

Pick up an axe. Yes a real axe. Stand at the base of a huge Redwood. Now for some environmentalists, that is very real. So we won’t carry on there. Suffice to say that a male lion munching on your leg in the Serengeti can seem very real.

Confront what is put in front of you in the physical.

The physical world is there and it is real. If something affects your physical Reality, deal with it in the physical. Don’t get into a big mental spiel about what it means and “why is this happening”. Deal with it. Don’t escape it.

Your car is stuck across a railway line. A slick, state-of-the-art, bullet-train is bearing down the track (yes, in your direction). What do you do, hot shot? Do you say to yourself, “Why is this happening?”, “Is that train real, or am I just dreaming?” Action! Not Thought! You’ll have time to reflect on its meaning later in your psychiatry session. You get out the way, and then find the higher “meaning”.

(see Part 3)

Monday, June 22, 2009

What if this IS Reality


For the purpose of this exercise, let’s, by some stretch of the imagination, take it that this is reality. Let’s forget about what everyone thinks and assumes. In fact, let’s assume nothing.
Let’s not assume that there is an alternate reality. Let’s deal with what is.
Let’s not assume that the dream world is reality. Let’s just dream our dreams.
Let’s not assume that there are other dimensions beyond our imagination. Hell, let’s not use our imagination.
Let’s not assume anything about what happens after death. Because that assumes that when I die I get another chance or I get punished/rewarded for my life. That’s opinion.
Let’s not assume that your body is not real. Give yourself more credit than that. I mean you being a pain in the ass is pretty real.
Let’s not assume that this is not reality.
And for this notion to be completely contained, let’s not assume that God exists. Now, this doesn’t mean that we are taking an atheist stance, it just means that we are being fair to all involved in reality by eliminating what is “fact” for some and assumption for others.