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  1. 'Land of Light': 'Imagine Africa 500' speculative fiction anthology (2015/2016) (Speculative Fiction). 8,000 words. Read more... (Malawi)/(UK reprint 2017)
  2. 'Veiled': 2016 'Beneath This Skin' Edition of Aké Review (2016) (Fiction). 1,450 words. Read here... (Nigeria)
  3. 'Water': 'The Short Story is Dead, Long Live the Short Story! Vol.2' anthology (2017) (Fiction). 3,100 words. Available on Amazon or Read Online (South Africa)
  4. 'Sub Migratio': the debut edition of Enkare Review (2017) (Speculative Fiction). 3,500 words. Read here... (Kenya)
  5. 'Inktober': 2018 edition of 'The Bloody Parchment' (2018) (SF/Horror). 1,250 words. Available on Amazon(South Africa)
  6. 'The Girl with Two Bodies': The Kalahari Review (Nov 2018) (Fantasy). 7,050 words. Read here... (South Africa)
  7. 'Journal of a DNA Pirate': Volume 3 of 'AfroSF' (Dec 2018) (SF). 8,150 words.  Available on Amazon etc. (and reprint translated into Italian as "Diario di un pirata del DNA" in 2019 for "Futuri uniti d’Africa")
  8. 'Why Not Magoos':  The Kalahari Review (Oct 2019) (Fiction). 2,600 words. Read online here. (South Africa)
  9. 'Fear Thyself': Burning House Press (20 July 2020) (Flash Fiction). 180 words. Read online here. (South Africa)
  10. 'Soul Searching' (novel): Guardbridge Books (Aug 2020) (Speculative Fiction). UK/US (UK)
  11. 'Self-Destruct': Omenana Speculative Fiction Magazine #18 (22 July 2021) (Speculative Fiction). 2,115 words. Read online here. (Nigeria)
  12. 'Of Robots & War': The Shallow Tales Review #37 "PARANATURE" (31 January 2022) (Historical Creative Fiction). 3,800 words. Read online here. (Nigeria)
  13. 'Bones & Runes' (novel): Abibiman Publishing (14 February 2022) (YA Fantasy). Kindle, Paperback Amazon UK (UK)
  14. 'Our Mother Creator': Syllble (1 October 2022) (Fantasy/Mythology). 600 words. Read online here. (US)
  15. 'Soyinka's Memory': The Shallow Tales Review #40 "MEMORY" (31 January 2023) (Literary, Magical Realism, Fantasy). 3,100 words. Read online here. (Nigeria)
  16. 'Taking Turns'Languages of Water – a cross-lingual hybrid anthology (July 2023) (Speculative Fiction), 1,050 words. MV Media (USA) Available on Amazon.
  17. 'Undulation' (novella): Mothersound: The Sauútiverse Anthology' – Android Press (US) / Luna Press (UK) – 16,300 words (US & UK)
  18.  Essay: 'Cosmologies and Languages Building Africanfuturism'. Coming May 2024 with Bloomsbury Academic: 'Afro-Centered Futurisms in Our Speculative Fiction'5,200 words.


'Cosmologies and Languages Building Africanfuturism'. Coming 2024 with Bloomsbury Academic. 5,200 words.

"There is Magic in African Literature" – essay (and cover feature), University of Oxford, African Studies Centre 2022 – full unabridged article here. Identifying the traditional beliefs, magic, magical realism and fantasy in the first 101 works of the original African writer Series from the 1950s to 1970s.

Editor: African Writers Series

Editor of the 2023 edition of Flora Nwapa’s posthumous novel “The Lake Goddess”, launch at The FT Weekend Oxford Literary Festival 29 March 2023.

(2023) The Lake Goddess by Flora Nwapa (2023 Edition)

Paperback (Feb 2023)

Paperback (Feb 2023)

Editor of the 2022 James Currey Anthology of short fiction and essays (September 2022). Named in the Brittle Paper "100 Notable African Books of the Year List 2022"

"This book sings voices from the continent on matters of death, dirge, superstition, patriarchy, belonging, and more. Editor Stephen Embleton, himself award-winning as a writer, showcases the diversity of African fiction writing and the intensity of African critical thinking."
- Eugen Bacon, World Fantasy Finalist, and award-winning author of Danged Black ThingMage of Fools and Chasing Whispers

Creative Non-Fiction:

Mbilo: A Winter Storm – 2021 (Creative Historical Non-Fiction) – not externally published


The Cock & The Crow: an ode to the downtrodden – published in iJusi #6, 1997.

Stephen's Nominated Works:

Tendai Huchu on Bones & Runes:

"Highly original and compelling. Embleton's strange world is immersive and intriguing. This is a novel of adventure and ideas.”

– T.L. Huchu, author of 'The Library of the Dead’

Aurealis Magazine review Bones & Runes:

"Embleton’s portrayal overflows with imagination, filling it to the brim with all manner of beings and deities from Zulu tradition. Richly imagined and powerfully authentic.

– Damien Lawardorn, AUREALIS #148, March 2022

Read Joanna Woods' Review of Soul Searching here: Africa in Words

Read the Aurealis Review for Soul Searching here: Aurealis #138 March 2021

Find out more on Guardbridge Books, the Guardbridge Store and GoodReads. Purchase Soul Searching here: 

Paperback Outlets:

READ 'LAND OF LIGHT' ONLINE: The project from Geoff Ryman via the Manchester Review produced a themed online edition on the Rise of African Science Fiction & Fantasy featuring a reprint of my first SF short story “Land of Light”.


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