Published Works


  1. 'Land of Light': 'Imagine Africa 500' speculative fiction anthology (2015/2016) (Speculative Fiction). 8,000 words. Read more... (Malawi)
  2. 'Veiled': 2016 'Beneath This Skin' Edition of Ak√© Review (2016) (Fiction). 1,450 words. Read here... (Nigeria)
  3. 'Water': 'The Short Story is Dead, Long Live the Short Story! Vol.2' anthology (2017) (Fiction). 3,100 words. Available on Amazon (South Africa)
  4. 'Sub Migratio': the debut edition of Enkare Review (2017) (Speculative Fiction). 3,500 words. Read here... (Kenya)
  5. 'Inktober': 2018 edition of 'The Bloody Parchment' (2018) (SF/Horror). 1,250 words. Available on Amazon(South Africa)
  6. 'The Girl with Two Bodies': The Kalahari Review (Nov 2018) (Fantasy). 7,050 words. South Africa. Read here... (South Africa)
  7. 'Journal of a DNA Pirate': Volume 3 of 'AfroSF' (Dec 2018) (SF). 8,150 words.  Available on Amazon etc.
  8. 'Why Not Magoos':  The Kalahari Review (Oct 2019) (Fiction). 2,600 words. South Africa. Read online here. (South Africa)
  9. 'Fear Thyself': Burning House Press (20 July 2020) (Flash Fiction). 180 words. South Africa. Read online here. (South Africa)
  10. 'Soul Searching' (novel): Guardbridge Books (Aug 2020) (Speculative Fiction). UK/US (UK)
  11. 'Self-Destruct': Omenana Speculative Fiction Magazine #18 (22 July 2021) (Speculative Fiction). 2,115 words. South Africa. Read online here. (Nigeria)
  12. 'Of Robots & War': The Shallow Tales Review #37 "PARANATURE" (31 January 2022) (Fiction). 3,800 words. South Africa. Read online here. (Nigeria)
  13. 'Bones & Runes': Abibiman Publishing (14 February 2022) (YA Fantasy). Amazon UK (UK)

Stephen's Nominated Works:

Tendai Huchu on Bones & Runes:

"Highly original and compelling. Embleton's strange world is immersive and intriguing. This is a novel of adventure and ideas.”

– T.L. Huchu, author of 'The Library of the Dead’

Aurealis Magazine review Bones & Runes:

"Embleton’s portrayal overflows with imagination, filling it to the brim with all manner of beings and deities from Zulu tradition. Richly imagined and powerfully authentic.

– Damien Lawardorn, AUREALIS #148, March 2022

Read Joanna Woods' Review of Soul Searching here: Africa in Words

Read the Aurealis Review for Soul Searching here: Aurealis #138 March 2021

Find out more on Guardbridge Books, the Guardbridge Store and GoodReads. Purchase Soul Searching here: 

Paperback Outlets:

READ 'LAND OF LIGHT' ONLINE: The project from Geoff Ryman via the Manchester Review produced a themed online edition on the Rise of African Science Fiction & Fantasy featuring a reprint of my first SF short story “Land of Light”.


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