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What if this IS Reality: Part 4

Time is on my side. Time is a man-made concept. Time is simply the measure of change. Something was like this; then it changed/evolved/grew into this; and it took x amount of time to get there. Time is also measured in cycles. Ie. The length it takes for the Earth to turn around once. The length it takes for the Earth to complete a revolution around the sun. The seasons. Birth to death etc. Now, imagine a world without these visible cycles. Take the most important ones away – day to night to day. Pretend that you live in the North Pole, but instead of six months of daylight or six months of darkness, picture constant day. Forget about the environmental issues of having permanent daylight. All of a sudden there is no reference point to count seconds, hours, weeks, months or years. If you leave your cave and walk one thousand miles, you’ve walked one thousand miles. It didn’t take Time. It didn’t take a month or a year. All that happened was that you moved from point A to point B. This i