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Review: The James Currey Anthology

Eugen Bacon's review of the James Currey Anthology features in Aurealis Magazine #157 (Australia) in February 2023. The Review in full here: Review by Eugen Bacon  This unique anthology of everything African comes in two parts: short stories and  creative essays. Editor Stephen Embleton, himself award-winning as a writer,  showcases the diversity of African fiction writing and the intensity of African critical  thinking. This book sings voices from the continent on matters of death, dirge,  superstition, patriarchy, belonging, and more. The pertinent miscellany opens with Mbaeze Nnedimma’s darkly twisted  ‘Ihekanwa’, the voice of a child on the power of fear and belief  a Rubin’s blossom—young and tender, the rarest plant with its properties of healing— belief. Offering the secret of  in a shoebox is N. A. Ntumy’s ‘Don’t Whisper the Secret’ that talks to sickn