What I believe…

Beliefs” definition (Oxford):
1. the feeling that something is real and true, trust, confidence.
2. something accepted as true, what one believes.
3. religion, something taught as part of this, Christian beliefs.

Now look at definition 1. I want a big red marker underlining and circling and starring the word “feeling”.

Adding to the world’s conflicts:
If we could ask you to think of a religious (not spiritual) belief that has not caused conflict at some stage in history…insert blank here. A true spiritual belief doesn’t feel the need to justify or get angry, doesn’t get your back up when argued against, and respects other’s individual beliefs. Now read definition 1 again. Isn’t that how it feels (or should feel) if you trust your beliefs? The definition doesn’t say something that you fight for. It doesn’t say something you judge others by.
Religious dogma hinders spiritual progress. You cannot penetrate through the dogma or imposed belief systems to get to Spirit.

Let us start at the beginning. Birth.
Strip away all that you believe – everything that you have been taught. Picture that in your mind for a moment. Suddenly your mind starts to quiet.
Now imagine all the beliefs that you have gathered from personal experience – not from other people’s experiences, but your own. No ideas or theories. Experiences. Listen to the tone of your voice in your head.
Active but Calm.
As good as that feels, take the next step. Imagine all the beliefs that you have been taught: from parents, family and friends, teachers, the media, and society.
A bit noisy?

Belief systems are the things that distract and hinder your journey. Rather than truly experiencing something, you experience becomes filtered through a dark lens. And most importantly, limit you in the physical universe. Anything is possible when you drop your belief systems.

As I sit here writing this passage, I feel despondent (correction: damn depressed and useless), and don’t have the slightest inclination to ask myself, let alone anyone else, for damn guidance. So no one is saying it’s easy or that you just flick a switch and everything is fine. I’m not writing this because I’m perfect or that I can always do the things written here. We’re human. We’re physical beings living in a physical world.

So let’s get physical for a moment...

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