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The Nebula & The Void

15/10/2015 215 Words Short Story Day Africa #WriterPrompt He looked into the void and the void screamed back. Blackness speckled with a few stars was how he had always imagined traveling through the vastness of space. Before any campaign he would picture, from his position on the ship's bridge, a 270 degree view of a silent depth, the blackness occasionally interrupted by the mass of a gas giant growing to dominate his vision. Smeared across the charcoal canvas was something alive, breathing its gaseous paints into every inch of black; a myriad of pastels bleeding into one another.

The Room (Flash Fiction)

06/11/2015 201 Words Short Story Day Africa #WriterPrompt The floorboards shook. For a moment, the dust and frayed carpeting were suspended in space. Finally, everything settled back down as if nothing had happened. The curtains were sucked against the window frames, one succumbing and disappearing out into the bright noonday sun. With bursts of dust off the fragile floral material, the air returned to the room. For a moment there was silence.

Win A Year's Food (Flash Fiction)

17/10/2014 360 Words The 365 loaves of bread were offloaded in the afternoon. Helen stood in her kitchen doorway watching the delivery van rise on its shocks as the weight of the crate was transferred onto her lawn. Not quite what she had imagined, but who can look a gift horse in the mouth? The delivery man released the hydraulic lift control, stepped around the crate to check all was well with the package, and turned blankly to Helen. His job was done. She smiled back at him with a tentative hand-raising. What the hell was she supposed to do now? 700 grams times by 365, equaled 255 kilograms. That was four times her weight. Twice that of her husband, Jacob. “Win A Year’s Food” it had said. Apparently people live on bread alone. The man retracted the machine arm, closed the back doors and hurried back into the van off to his next delivery. The package remained on the lawn.

Tape41 (Short Film Script)

2008 In September 2007 the South African Police Services “misplaced” a vital piece of evidence in one of their leading organized crime investigations. This evidence, a video tape, contained footage that would not only bring one of South Africa’s leading crime lords to justice, but would also incriminate the SAPS in a separate but related case. This tape eventually turned up on the internet and finally back in the hands of the media. This is an unedited copy of that tape. Download Script 21 Pages

OUT OF THE BLUE (Script) 2008

OUT OF THE BLUE: The Desktop Chronicles Contributions by Michael Louw, Stephen Embleton & William Rea 06/3/2008 In the vein of Monty Python's Flying Circus... 19 Sketches. DOWNLOAD SCRIPT The Pencil Sketch (May 2008) Part 1

Land of Light - Short Story Published

Short story published! Grateful to be part of this speculative fiction anthology out of Africa. Thank you Shadreck Chikoti and everyone involved. I can also appreciate the time and effort required to bring a book to print. Imagine Africa 500 years in the future. Imagine Africa 500 - Speculative Fiction From Africa