cltrSHIFT Podcast Launched

In April 2018 we launched the cltrSHIFT (Culture Shift) podcast.

With 12 episodes done, we've covered topics from Sangomas to Surfers, House Music to African Literature.

The cltrShift mission:

Delve into different cultures, mythos, traditional beliefs, histories, creative arts, identities and traditions of groups of people to shift perceptions and reveal our individuality as well as our collective humanity.


From the site:
I started many of these chats out of my own interest and my own research. Me and my audio recorder. And I soon realized that is was information that was well worth sharing. So with a bit more effort I created CltrShift.
Some interviews may simply be out of interest, while others form a part of my writing research. Having had a number of my short stories published, I’ve found more and more that research is vital and on many occasions books and the internet do not suffice. I then track down the person who can shed some light on what I’m after. They may be local to where I live, or overseas (we will tackle those as we go), so GLOBAL culture is the aim. But I’m starting here in Durban, where I am able to meet face to face with these interesting people.
And so the question was: why not share the information?
My background is graphic design, online media and filmmaking. Making use of this knowledge, I am able to create the means to share what I learn in my discussions with the people who are experts in their field or everyday people discussing their personal culture: traditional beliefs, technical expertise, creative projects and so on.
From sangomas to surfers, we are going to go on an interesting journey. 

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