COVER REVEAL: Languages of Water (Anthology)


Cover Art by John Jennings


Languages of Water – a cross-lingual hybrid anthology

This was an interesting anthology to participate in and so glad I could contribute. And it’s finally here (nearly)! I thoroughly enjoyed the research I did for my short story ("Taking Turns").  

Thanks to Eugen Bacon for her work 👏🏼in putting this together and Milton Davis and MVmedia for publishing!

With this lovely cover art by John Jennings

Featuring (in alphabetical order):

Aldegunda Matoyo, Alvin Pang, Andrew Hook, Audrey Chin, Cheng Tim Tim, Clara Chow, Clare Rhoden, David Carlin, Dominique Hecq, E. Don Harpe, Erin Latimer, Eugen Bacon, Francesca Rendle-Short, Jill Jones, Kyongmi Park, Nikki Bacon, Nuzo Onoh, Oz Hardwick, Pandora, Quyên Nguyễn-Hoàng, Ramya Jirasinghe, Rina Kikuchi, Seb Doubinsky, Stephen Embleton, Sudeep Chatterjee, Tamantha Smith, Zephyr Li.

Find out more on Eugen Bacon's blog and order here.

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