Wild Dog Road Signage Designs

 It was really exciting to be asked by the Waterberg Wild Dog Initiative (WWDI) to design two road signs – to be approved by SANRAL (The South African National Roads Agency). One was a Warning sign (a "yield" animal crossing), and the second being an Information sign (wild dogs in the area, and WWDI logo/details).

Wild Dog Road Sign

Seen out in the wild...

African Wild Dog Road Sign

Installed 14 September 2022

Many road users around South Africa would know of the signs which include the leaping Kudu, the warthog etc, to warn drivers of wildlife which may cross their paths. With this in mind – and a solid framework of guides and requirements from SANRAL – I created the walking dog profile, followed by the front-on wild dog portrait.

Wild Dog Warning Signage

Information Signage

These will then be used by any organisation wanting to bring attention to wild dogs and their conservation and protection in their areas around the country.

It was important to keep the illustrations as simple as possible – for visibility and clarity when driving at speed, as well as conforming to the other illustrations featured in SANRAL's signage portfolio.

Because I like attention to detail, and because the WWDI originated the project, I gave a hat-tip to them by including what at first glance appears to be a number "9" on the dog's hind leg. This is a direct reference to one of their key dogs in the Waterberg dog pack with just this marking.

PS: As a hat-tip to the Waterberg Wild Dog Initiative using the dog markings, I included a reference to their prime dog nicknamed #9 – the female that was born in the area in 2020 and was translocated to Mabula earlier in 2022. 

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