War & Love (Poem) in Support of Ukraine

 War & Love

Stephen Embleton — 27 February 2022

You bring us war,

We bring you love. 

You bring a weapon,

We bring a dove. 

You drag your rage, your hate, through mud.

We bring our hearts, our souls, our blood. 

You drop your bombs,

We show you grace.

You bear arms,

We hold, embrace. 

You capture, conquer and control. 

To fly your flag, your only goal. 

You play aggressor. 

We unite as defender.

You tear it down. 

We build it up. 

Your cycle loops on a hamster wheel. 

We won’t repeat, we’ve seen the reel. 

Know your history. 

War is no mystery.

Yet you choose the dark. You choose to fight. 

We live for peace. We choose the light. 

We release. We free. One word we sing. 

From atop the mountain, we let “FREEDOM” ring.

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