All Along The Beaches (Poem) 2002

All Along The Beaches


On the sand a young man sits

But blink and he is old.

For one day when you read these words

Your story too is told.

And so he sits and ponders so,

The things before his eyes:

The sea, the sky, the clouds and air

All things he’s to surmise.

The golden glow of the sun at dawn

Dives deeply in his eyes.

A gull in silhouette he sees

That close to the water flies.

And there he sits, hands and heels dug in

Waiting for the tide.

The moon has told him it will come

And on it he must ride.

And as a wave does rise and fall

The foam his skin does seek.

He silently turns, to look behind,

To take just one last peek.

Toes go cold, his chest breathes in,

He recognises faces.

All those from his life are there.

All from familiar places.

Too far away on the land they play,

Out in the farthest reaches.

But then they smile and wave to him

From… all along the beaches.

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